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CSoft Lanka Ecommerce Web Development

CSoft Lanka Ecommerce Web Development

We provide ecommerce solutions for any businesses who are in need of showcasing their products range via a web site. Our ecommerce  package includes hundreds of features with the target of increasing customer sales.

Basically our all ecommerce packages come with customer friendly rich looking web frontend, strong & secure admin panel with easy to use interface, advanced reporting services with predictions and analytic charts.

Here is a comprehensive list of features that we can provide.

  1. Static pages
    – about us, contact us, privacy, terms of use, delivery policy, shipping & returns, faq
  2. Customer login
    -customer login
    -customer signup
    -social login
  3. Customer dashboard
    -customer profile
    -address book
    -order history
    -newsletter subscriptions
  4. Products
    -simple products
    -variant products
    -quantity tracking
    -related products
    -recently viewed products
  5. Product ratings & reviews
  6. Products media
    -image gallery & videos
  7. Product categories & subcategories
  8. Product tags 
  9. Product collections
  10. Product search
  11. Product import/export
  12. Shopping cart 
  13. Coupon & discounts
  14. Gift vouchers
  15. Loyalty points
  16. Secure checkout
  17. Internet Payment Gateway integration
    eg. Sampath Paycorp, Global Payments
  18. Shipping methods
    -courier services
    eg. Aramex, DHL, GrassHoppers
    -custom shipping
    -weight based shipping
    -flat rates
  19. Order notifications
    -email, sms & push notifications
    -order status updates
  20. Live chat
  21. Customer inquiries
  22. Google maps
  23. Advanced analytics
  24. Reports & metrics
  25. Banners & logos
  26. Easy to use admin panel
  27. User management
  28. Access control & security
  29. Stock management
  30. Content management system
  31. Blog & articles
  32. Order management
  33. Customer management
  34. Newsletters & promotions
  35. SMS campaigns
  36. Push notification campaigns
  37. Facebook ads
  38. Instagram integration
  39. Site configurations
  40. Backup & migration
  41. Security handling
    -virus scan
  42. SEO
    -search engine listing,
    -social pages,
    -in page seo
    -link building
  43. HTTPS domain

    and more…