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Sri Lanka Local Government Road Management System

A web based application for local government bodies in Sri Lanka for managing properties, taxes, roads…etc . This application was developed for automating the tasks of local authority data entry users and different admin levels.

Apart from the web application, an API has been developed enabling remote access of the system through mobile apps.

The Project

This project comes with totally different client requirements such as managing geo targeted logins according to Local Authority, District, Province…etc. , pretty much amount of GIS functionality and some other challenging tasks.

Our Services

The project was completed using various Open Source GIS tools and technologies such as PostGIS, PostgreSQL, MapServer besides the general development process.

  • Client: Sri Lanka Local Government
  • Date: April, 2015
  • Services: Design & Development, GIS Services, Maintenance, Updates
  • URL: http://rrsis.lkmaps.org