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CS Channeling is a web based solution for handling patient appointments. This is ideal for medical centers and channel centers.

CS Channeling - Schedules

CS Channeling – Schedules


  • Doctors & Doctor Schedules
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Appointments
  • Customer Invoices
  • Mail Management
  • Promotions & Campaigns
  • Medical Staff Management
  • User Logs
  • Automated Backups
  • Event Calendar
  • Inquiries
  • Web Frontend
  • Online Appointments
  • Reports


We support customization of the product for your specific needs.
This is a web based application which can be installed  in your local PC. Application can be used without internet connection

Start hassle free appointment management with CS Channeling!

CS Channeling - Appointment Chit

CS Channeling – Appointment Chit