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Welcome to CSoft Lanka.

Beginning life as an web development company in 2012, CSoft Lanka has evolved into one of the dynamic web and software development companies in Sri Lanka within the span of two years. We have  reached out to the huge number of small and medium scale companies dealing in IT services as well as end users, understood their requirements, analyzed and provided the best quality services in the right time.

We offer consultancy, products and services to a varied customers from individual businesses, entrepreneurs, sustainability and environment to Government sector.  We attribute our significant growth to being able to speak our client’s language – developing partnership to create effective and reliable solutions and meeting our client’s needs.

We are constantly in the process of updating our software skills adopting new technologies that can perform better functions. We believe in integrating our skills with our clients’ inputs to achieve desirable results. We have developed our own performance measurement systems that virtually support our clients into the routine of software developing and over- viewing the performance of our skilled manpower.


Interested in our work?

We have worked with a lot of awesome clients from all around the globe.